The Alupar Transmission


Alupar has diversified its electric power matrix by investing in activities of small and medium generation plants, such as HPPs, SHPPs and Wind Farms, in Brasil, Colombia and Peru. The Company holds the concessions / authorization assets to within 30 to 35 years in Brazil and lifetime in Colombia and Peru.

Our plants in Brazil are part of the Energy Reallocation Mechanism (“MRE”), mitigating the hydrological risk and ensuring predictability in the cash flow of our assets already contracted.

Bellow you will find a map pointing out Alupar‘s power plants.

mapa companhia

1 HPP São José 51.0 MW
2 HPP Foz do Rio Claro 68.4 MW
3 SHPP Queluz 30.0 MW
4 SHPP Lavrinhas 30.0 MW
5 HPP Ferreira Gomes 252.0 MW
6 SHPP Morro Azul 19.9 MW
7 WPP Energia dos Ventos 98.7 MW
8 SHPP Verde 08 30.0 MW
9 SHPP Antonio Dias 23.0 MW
10 HPP La Virgen 84.0 MW

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