In the transmission segment, Alupar has the concession for 3 transmission systems, totaling 8,805 km of transmission lines, through concessions with a term of 30 years, located in Brazil, Peru and lifetime concessions in Colombia and Chile.

In the energy generation segment and aligned with the sustainability of renewable sources, Alupar holds the concession/authorization of 16 assets, totaling 798.44 MW of installed capacity, distributed across 4UHEs, 4 PCHs, 7 wind farms and 1 Fotovoltaic Park.

The vast experience and results demonstrate Alupar’s technical competence, enabling the development of projects, whether in Energy Transmission or Generation, with the necessary efficiency and quality, from their conception to their effective operation, adding value to society and to the country, proven by the high quality levels of its operating projects.

In addition to the assets in Brazil, we are present in Colombia through Risaralda (PCH Morro Azul), Transmissora Colombiana de Energia S.A.S and Transmissora de Energia de Los Llanos (TEL), in Peru through the La Virgen Hydroelectric Plant and Transmissora Costa Norte and in Chile through Transmissora de Energia de Santiago.

With a commitment to generating value for society and its shareholders, Alupar invests in technical competence, strong financial discipline and social responsibility to continue its sustainable growth through the development of generation projects and transmission systems.

Mission, Vision and Values

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