Alupar is a holding in the energy sector, which was establish in 2007, dedicated to the segments of transmission and generation, focusing in the development and investment in projects in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. We are the largest 100% private company and one of the biggest among all companies from the segment.

On the transmission segment, Alupar has the concession of 30 transmission assets, totaling 7,964 km of transmission lines, through concessions with a 30 years term located in Brazil, and one lifetime in Colombia.

In the generation segment and aligned with the sustainability of renewable sources, Alupar holds the concession / authorization of 13 assets, totaling 821.5 MW of installed capacity, 673.8 MW are distributed in 4 Hydro Power Plants with , 4 Small Hydro Power Plants and 1 Wind Farm Complex all in operation. Currently, we have 23.0 MW of hydraulic generation under licensing, 63.0 MW of wind energy and 61.7 MWp of photovoltaic energy under implementation.

The technical competence of Alupar contributes to develop transmission and generation projects with efficiency and quality, from its conception to its effective operation. Alupar has being demonstrating efficiency and quality which may be evidenced by the high quality performance indexes in its operational undertakings.

Despite of the confirmed competence in Brazil, Alupar is well positioned to act in other countries of the Latin America, it is present in Colombia through Risaralda Energia (SHPP Morro Azul) and Transmisora Colombiana de Energia S.A.S. and in Peru through La Virgen HPP.

With a commitment to generating value for society and its shareholders, Alupar invests in technical competence, strong financial discipline and social responsibility to continue its sustainable growth through the development of generation projects and transmission systems.

Mission, Vision and Values

Transmit and generate energy with corporate, social and environmental responsibility, generating shareholder value, economic development and people’s well-being.
To be a respected, admired, modern and effective company, with the best performance indicators in the sector in which it operates.
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Planning
  • Ethics and Transparency
  • Meritocracy
  • Result
  • Innovation

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