Concluded Research and Development Projects

(status: Dec/19)

Information about the concluded project are listed below.
Empresa de Transmissão do Espirito Santo S.A. – ETES (cooperated)

  • ANEEL Code: PD-5014-0003/2010;
  • Title: Feasibility study of the development and implementation of the corona detection system in insulators via acoustic emission;
  • Conclusion Period: November/2012 (Concluded)
  • Description: Develop an equipment and a computational package, with the purpose of detecting corona problems in the insulators of transmission lines. The inexpensive equipment detects the presence of corona, via acoustic emission and storage of information. The data collected is computed buy a set of computational programs;
  • Investiment: Total of R$ 168,120.00, of which R$ 143,420.00 is Transudeste (Proponent) responsibility and R$ 24,700.00 is ETES (Cooperated) responsibility.
  • Implementing Research Organization:: Research and Advising Industry Foundation.

Foz do Rio Claro Energia S.A. (cooperated) e Ijuí Energia S.A. (cooperated)

  • ANEEL Code: PE-0061-0034/2011;
  • Title: Development and pilot installation of a photovoltaic generation for the Strategic Technological Reference, Regulatory, Economic and Commercial model, inserting this energy in the national energy matrix.
  • Conclusion Period: November/2017
  • Description: Design, develop and implement in “Parque Villa Lobos”, São Paulo, a pilot of photovoltaic generation for the Strategic Technological Reference, Regulatory, Economic and Commercial model, inserting this energy in the national energy matrix contemplating (3) models:
    • 0.05 MWp photovoltaic power with integrated management connected to a low voltage (220 V / 380 V) network from Eletropaulo and built on solar trackers;
    • 0.45 MWp photovoltaic power plant with integrated management, connected to a low voltage (220 V / 380 V) network from Eletropaulo and consisting of conventional fixed modules;
    • Photovoltaic micro-generators are distributed autonomously and interconnected to a network with potential to feed the lighting power utilizing LED technology, Wi-Fi and surveillance cameras.
  • Estimated investment: R$ 17,076,741.21, of which R$ 937,894.60 is Foz do Rio Claro Energia S.A’s responsibility and R$ 681,864.60 is Ijuí Energia S.A’s responsibility.
    The proponent of this Project is Cesp (Companhia Energética de São Paulo). In addition to the companies belonging to the Alupar group, mentioned above. This project sill counts with two other corporations (AES Tietê and AES Eletropaulo).
  • Implementing Research Organization: 
    • Associação do Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis Tecnológico LSI-TEC
      1.  Role: Implementing Research Organization;
    • ENGRE Energias Renovaveis LTDA EPP
      1. Role: Executor Epcista (Current);
    • Tecnometal Equipamentos LTDA
      1. Role: Executor Epcista (Previous).

Transmissora Mato Grossense de Energia S.A. – TME (cooperated)

  • ANEEL Code: PD- 5012-0001/2013;
  • Title: Failure of AC, CAA, CAL conductive cables – comparative evaluation in terms of the H/W parameter and residual life calculations;
  • Conclusion period: December/2017;
  • Description: Comparative study on the behavior against the failure (durability) of AC conductive cables of pure aluminum, steel core aluminum (CAA) and aluminum alloy (CAL) in terms of H/W parameter;
  • Estimated investment: R$ 5,718.370.80, of which R$ 186,000.00 is TME’s responsibility.
    The proponent is Transmissora Aliança de Energia Eletrica S.A. In addition to the companies mentioned above, the aforementioned project also counts with four other cooperated companies (ATE III Transmissora de Energia S.A., Brasnorte Transmissora de Energia S.A., Empresa Amazonense de Transmissão de Energia S.A. and AETE Amazônia Eletronorte Transmissora de Energia S.A.);
  • Implementing Research Organization:
    • Universidade de Brasília – FUB
    • Fundação de Empreendimentos Científicos e Tecnológicos – FINATEC

Ferreira Gomes Energia S.A. (proponent), Foz do Rio Claro Energia S.A (cooperated) and Ijuí Energia S.A. (cooperated)

  • ANEEL Code: PD-07469-0001/2017
  • Title: ” A new look about energy power sector: The construction of a solid and reliable contractual framework”;
  • Estimated conclusion: December/2018
  • Description: Development of a model for the energy trade, taking into account unforeseeable factors (economic crises, delays, etc.) based on contracts.
  • Estimated investment: R$ 813,170.70, being R$ 335,694.31 for FGE, R$ 271,427.24 for Foz do Rio Claro and R$ 206,049.14 for Ijuí;
  • Implementing Research Organization: Engenho Pesquisa Desenvolvimento e Consultoria Ltda. e Genus Energia.

OBS.: The projects mentioned above were not evaluated/monitored by ANEEL.

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