HPP São José  São José

Alupar controls the HPP São José, placed in Rio Ijuí, in the Municipal Districts of Salvador das Missões and Rolador, in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul, with installed capacity of 51.0 MW.

The concession to operate the HPP São José is valid for 35 years from the date of the concession agreement’s signature, firmed in 2006. The HPP São José has started their operations on March, 2011. Each turbine has a generation potential of 25.5 MW, totalizing a installed capacity of 51.0 MW.

HPP Foz do Rio Claro  Foz do Rio Claro

Alupar controls the Foz do Rio Claro Hydroelectric Plant, located on the Rio Claro, in the municipalities of Caçu and São Simão, in Goiás state, which has an installed capacity of 68.4 MW.

The concession to explore the Foz do Rio Claro facility runs for 35 years as of the date on which the concession contract was signed in 2006. The plant began operations in August, 2010.

HPP Ferreira Gomes  Ferreira Gomes

Alupar holds control of the Ferreira Gomes Hydropower Plant, which is located on the Araguari River, in the city of Ferreira Gomes, Amapá State. The plant has 252.0 MW of installed capacity.

The concession to operate the Ferreira Gomes Hydroelectric Plant will be valid for 35 years from the date of the concession contract, which took place in September, 2010. The plant went into operation in November 2014, anticipating the commercial operation in relation to the date stipulated in the concession agreement.

HPP La Virgen  La Virgen

Alupar holds a 65% interest in La Virgen S.A.C., which has a license to explore the La Virgen HPP, located in the district of Chanchamayo, in Peru, with an installed capacity of 84.0 MW. Start-up is scheduled for 2017 and the concession was granted for life.

Energy is traded with independent consumers and the volume of assured energy is 49.3 MW.

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