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Alupar supports Programa Expedição (Expedition program), which is part of Vaga Lume, a non-profit association focused on educational, cultural and environmental projects. The initiative provides access to books and promotes reading habits among residents of communities located in the Legal Brazilian Amazon. The program consists of three actions: donation of the physical space where the community library will operate, training of volunteers who will mediate the reading, and encouraging the community for managing its own library. The project also encourages residents to produce handmade books, as a means to value the local culture. Participants register themselves and then provide illustrations to the story, thus contributing to the library’s collection.

This is one of the many programs maintained by Alupar in this area. The Company also sponsors the musical education project of Fundação Bachiana Filarmônica (Bachiana Philharmonic Foundation), developed in association with conductor João Carlos Martins in the Paraisópolis community, located in the city of São Paulo. In addition, communities in the states of Pará, Maranhão and Minas Gerais participated in the project Mestres do Futuro, a project that recovers crafting techniques on the brink of extinction. Under this program, craftsmen are trained to impart their knowledge to youth groups in the community. In exchange, they receive not only income, but also respect for their work.

In many municipalities where Alupar operates, the population attended a free theater play whose content is based on the region’s cultural characteristics, with environmental issues as background. The program, which is called Arte na Comunidade (Art in the community), invites local theater companies to perform the play and travel around many cities, under the arena theater model (a circular stage with seating surrounding it), so as to reach the largest possible audience. The play’s content also becomes a game which is then distributed to the local schools, raising awareness of students about environmental issues. These programs are developed through tax incentive under the Rouanet Law.

Expedição Vaga Lume

  • Promotes access to books and reading habits

Bachiana Foundation

  • Support to musical educational program

Arte na Comunidade

  • Travelling theatre that features plays based on environmental issues

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