Research and Development Program Account Balance

(Collected in December/18 – Updated by the Selic Tax)

  • Empresa de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica do Mato Grosso S.A.: R$ 305,427.06;
  • Transmissora Mato Grossense de Energia S.A.: R$ 1,070,649.23;
  • Empresa de Transmissão do Espirito Santo S.A.: R$ 590,856.53;
  • Empresa de Transmissão Várzea Grande S.A.: R$ 156,205.83;
  • Ferreira Gomes Energia S.A.: R$ 2,981,419.04;
  • Foz do Rio Claro Energia S.A.: R$ 1,378,675.65;
  • Ijuí Energia S.A.: R$ 1,153,094.58.

Total Balance collected in the Research and Development account (Collected in December/18 – Updated by the Selic Tax): R$ 7,636,327.93.

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