Respect for historic heritage

A good relationship with the community in the region where a new Alupar project will be implemented also depends on respect for its past history. Before starting the works, an archeological team studies the records and documents related to the region’s ancestors. After this preliminary study, the team goes to the field with the appropriate tools and thoroughly searches the project’s area of influence.

If an archaeological site is found, the archaeologists begin a process of recovery, preventing any potential damages caused by the project’s implementation and deepening their knowledge about the people who lived in the region. The archeological remains are analyzed and prepared to complement collections of the period. The work is followed by IPHAN, the Institute for National Historic and Artistic Heritage, and is also part of the environmental licensing process.


  • Archaeological diagnosis and prospection

Archaeological survey

  • Excavations conducted by specialized teams


  • Recovery of archaeological remains


  • A community with deeper knowledge on its own past

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