Respect for the local community

Respect for the past history and opinion of the local communities is essential during each stage of implementation and operation of a project. For this reason, Alupar maintains an open communication channel through Social Communication Programs which are essential to information exchange between the Company and the community, so that everyone is aware of the most important events related to Alupar’s projects, ensuring transparency in any news of public interest.

The project must be beneficial to all parties involved—based on this premise and the specific needs of each region, Alupar invests in programs to actively help improve quality of life in the local communities. Besides developing projects geared towards key topics, such as health and education.

Through tax incentive laws, the community also benefits from cultural programs, including travelling theatre and maintenance of community libraries and multi-purpose sports centers.

Institutions supported through the Incentive Laws

Culture Incentive Law

• Fundação Bienal de São Paulo
• Fundação Bachiana
• Associação Vagalume
• Fundação Dorina Nowill para Cegos
• Associação Fernanda Bianchini
• Hospital Pequeno Príncipe

Sports Incentive Law

• Instituto Sports
• Instituto Tênis
• Rugby – Confederação Brasileira de Rugby

Elderly Support Fund

• Hospital do Câncer de Barretos – Hospital Do Amor
• Associação dos Amigos dos Excepcionais de São Paulo – APAE SP


• Hospital Bom Samaritano
• Santa Casa de Marília
• Hemocentro de Ribeirão Preto
• Fundação Boldrini


• Hospital Pequeno Príncipe
• IMIP – Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira

Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents

• Colégio Mão Amiga
• Liga Solidária
• Instituto André Franco Vive
• Instituto OBI
• Instituto Verdescola
• Projeto Casulo
• Lar Uma Nova Esperança
• Hospital Pequeno Príncipe
• Lar Betânia
• Fundação Futuro Brasil

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