Foz do Rio Claro HPP launched in Goiás

Postado em: 10/20/2010

Foz do Rio Claro HPP launched in Goiás

Foz do Rio Claro Hydroelectric Power Plant launched on Tuesday, October 19, in Goiás. The plant, with installed capacity of 68.4 MW and 41 MW of assured power, belongs to Alupar Investimento S/A (50.1%) in partnership with FI-FGTS (49.9%). The undertaking counts on two turbines of 34.2 MW and a reservoir with 7.7 km².

The work started in August 2007, and generated job positions and development to the cities of Caçu and São Simão, in southern Goiás.

The undertaking was officially named Engenheiro José Luiz Müller de Godoy Pereira.

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